November 13, 2010

custom wedding dress: how I make it

Brandi contacted me via Etsy wondering if I could create her Dream wedding dress. She had a clear vision of what she wanted; a natural elegant linen dress with organic accents. The project sounded like a good excercise for a creative muscle, I was thrilled. Brandi's wedding was 6 months away but we started right away.
 After sorting through numerous pictures and drawings we had reached  sort of a happy-ending which looked like this:

Later in a process, as we started seeing more of the dress, some detailing and the skirt had been changed. Brandi did a great job e.mailing me tons of pics with good ideas, so I never had to guess, she is amazing and so easy to work with! A fabric swatch of ivory linen that I had mailed to her turned out to be exactly what Brandi was looking for.  The next step was making muslin pattern. An important part of a custom process this pattern is made of cheaper fabric of the similar weight (in this case I used cotton). It is basically your dress but without all the embellishments. At this point even a bride who doesn't have a reasonable degree of visual abilities begins to see the shape of her future dress. This part is fun!

Adjusting Brandi's top muslin

Embroidery in progress stretched on a frame

Back skirt muslin.
 Brandi wanted her dress to have some volume on a back and a small sweep train

The work is done and we both love it! I've heard that Brandi had a fantastic wedding!


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