November 14, 2010

upoppy brides

Your wedding is a very personal vision that no one can create except you. Brandi and Vipul were intent upon a wedding ceremony that would reflect their ethnic heritage, both Vipul's Hindu roots as well as Brandi's side of the family. Brandi is Creole and from Mississippi.
  I will describe in details how we created Brandi's elaborate custom dress in a next post.                                           

Brandi's hands were beautifully detailed with henna.

The wedding reception was held at the CAV Restaurant in Providence. I like the idea of  how the hors d’Oeuvres were presented.             

                Brandi's dress is made of  linen fabric and has an organic look. Other natural
 materials were incorporated into the design.     

Special thanks to the Bride's Cafe for sharing the story and to Lisa, a very talented Boston Wedding photographer of  Lisa Rigby Photography.


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