November 16, 2010

wedding well planned

Here is some tips from an expert alterationist to help you to avoid some possible mistakes that can sometimes ruin your mood:

1. Make sure to wear a proper undergarment and shoes when having an appointment with an alterationist. If you are planning to wear a crinoline with your dress make sure you have it on, especially when the bottom of your dress needs to be altered.
2. Ask your alterationist for a possible fabric swatch (leftover), it comes very handy when you are shopping for things like shoes or hairpiece and in need for a color match.
3. If you are planning on any weight change wait at least few more weeks before setting an appointment and see if there is any progress. It is always safer taking seams in than letting them out.
4. Before picking out your dress from a salon ask if it can be steamed for you. Most places will do it for free.
5. Keep your dress hanging loose in an open roomy space covered with a cotton sheet or an unzipped garment cover made of natural fibers. Remove all the plastic.


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