January 17, 2011

sweet wedding ideas

I like everything about this cake.. its minimalism, its name 'Soft Tropical Wedding Cake' (in January it sounds like a song, the taste must be delicious!), the presentation. On top of all that the price is quite minimalistic too ($50).

Read more about this cake here

Now I would like to pay respect to the Maximalism.

The Candy Bars had been a hit lately, here is a fresh idea: a Pastry Bar. If I were getting married, I would've got a variety of the individual fruit and berry tartlets, chocolate molds, tiny cherry and pear clafoutis, mini napoleons, colorful macarons, petit fours.. the whole Patisserie assortment! Then I would have picked a theme for my wedding: 'The Sweet Maximalist'...Oh well..I can only dream now because I have already got happily married almost 3 years ago. 

Pear & Almond Frangipane Tartelettes          Blueberry Sorbet Macarons          

Pierre Herme Chocolate Eclairs     Fresh Berry Tartelettes    

The images above are from Tartelette. Make sure to check it out for delicious recipes.   


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