August 15, 2011

'60s wedding


  This is my parents' wedding. I think they were immaculate. I couldn't think of the better way to be dressed for the big day. I wish I had a decent full picture of my Mom's outfit. She wore 2pc ivory mini skirt suit made of the very light and soft wool. Very Chanel like. I've seen that suit first time when I was a child, Mom kept it with other sentimental goodies in an old chest. For me it was a peak of the craftsmanship: the fabric had the most fabulous texture, lapels and cuffs were cord-embroidered with hundreds of tiny flowers, the buttonholes and seams were all perfectly finished. Very possibly that was the case when I first fell in love with the wedding dresses! Mom's short veil was attached with a tiny spray of the cutest handmade lilies-of-the valley. And for the shoes..of course the pointy kitten heels. Dad wore the coolest French pinstriped 3 button suit with short lapels. They looked beyond the words awesome!
 They were students and celebrated the beginning of their long marriage in University cafeteria. It happened in Ukraine in 1969...


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