January 31, 2012

haute couture

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Hello friends! I am back to blogging again. So many things have happened since I wrote the last post. One particular event that passed by through the kaleidoscope of other news and events and almost is forgotten now is the death of the French Master of couture embroidery François Lesage. He was 'the unsung hero' of countless haute couture shows.

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      If you are into Fashion you might find these facts from Mr.Lesage's biography quite fascinating

  ~His father Albert bought the atelier of Napoleon III’s embroiderer and married Marie-Louise Favot, an embroidery worker at Vionnet. François, was born on March 31 1929, “on a heap of pearls”, as he put it.
  ~As a young man he was sent off to Los Angeles to learn English. There he met Lauren Bacall, Claudette Colbert and Lana Turner (with whom he claimed to have had an affair).
  ~Lesage always did his best to go along with his clients’ whims. When Thierry Mugler asked for a “trashy beach”, the Lesage embroiderers went to work stitching pull tabs and bottles out of sequins and beads on an evening gown. When Schiaparelli asked for shells, the entire atelier ate mussels all winter.
  ~Lesage’s work did not come cheap: his embroideries typically translated into $100,000-$150,000 for a gown or $60,000 for a jacket. Exceptional pieces included a gown with a 20-metre train, for which the embroidery alone cost $1.6 million, and a coronation dress for an African empress, which took 11,000 hours of work.
  ~About the only couturier he did not work for was Alexander McQueen. “We had a misunderstanding about one dress,” Lesage explained. “So now, I’m punished!”
  ~François Lesage was married and had four children, but, as he once explained: “I’m married, but I have girlfriends. I’m French; it’s in my blood.” He could write a book about his life, he said — “but it would be X-rated!”   (from The Telegraph)

A fragment of embroidery from Valentino's Collection. Source this is glamorous