April 29, 2012

wedding bouquet ideas

If you like to throw few seeds in a ground and watch them grow, like I do, then why not to grow your own wedding bouquet? Or at least add some fresh flowers to the ones you already have in your wedding decor? If you don't like the whole idea just ignore this post.

This bouquet was made from Angelique tulips, white and blue muscari, grocery store spray roses (I used one seven dollars bunch) and lamb's ear. Everything, except roses, grow in my garden and was planted last fall. For less formal look you can add any loose vine (sweet peas) or greenery (clematis leaves). The how-to make a bouquet instructions can be found here. Sources for quality bulbs: Van Bourgondien  Michigan Bulb Co.

 The best time to plant bulbs is fall so you can have flowers the following spring. I was advised to plant when the first leaves start falling on the ground and it had been working fine for my bulbs since then. Besides the bulbs, you will need a bag of bone meal and some garden soil (the amount depends on how many bulbs you are going to plant) Dig a hole about 3 inch in diameter (I use a special bulb planter available in most garden centers) and at least twice as deep as a size of your bulb. For example, if you are planting parrot tulips the hole must be 4" deep. Place handfull of bone meal at the bottom of each hole, firmly press each bulb into bone meal and top it with garden soil pressing firmly to avoid air pockets. Make sure to water your newly planted bulbs. In spring you will be rewarded with miraculous young leaves coming out of the ground! Water them as ground dries and fertilize them once a week. Did I mention that your flowers will come up year after year to remind you about your fantastic wedding?


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