May 30, 2012

world bridal designers

I do not know about France but there is no doubt that in the US Delphine Manivet's name is associated with peachy soft Elizabeth Messina's images for the brand catalog. The collaboration was a match made in heaven for Manivet's 'de Robes de mariĆ©es' look just as romantic and bohemian as Messina's recognizable work. Clean cut, unpretentious boho silhouettes, exquisite fabric and lace are like a breath of fresh air in a midst of bridezilla oriented mass market. Where to buy: Lovely Bridal Shop

Designer Delphine Manivet and her Paris salon via L'Officiel

Sketches from the permanent Collection. See all here.

Marie Laporte's style is purely romantic and innocent. You  can pretty much take a look at the model and read what the designer was trying to say. "She feeds her imagination from the universe of fairy tales" Laporte's biography says. There are many creative years to come because the designer is only in her 30s.

Marie Laporte's Bastia and Amandine

 Adjaccio and Corte from the current Collection.

  I try to avoid the repetitions but the word 'romantic' keeps clinging to my reviews. It seems that all three designers have it in common. I would define Laure de Sagazan's work as "country sophisticate" imagining a wedding somewhere in the lavender fields of Provence. Flowy chiffon, plenty of lace and trim, ruffles and pleats are the designer's trademarks. Dresses start at 2000 Euros (personalised fitting service included). Where to buy: Paris


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