August 5, 2012

wedding flowers: solidago

 I had seen this plant for the first time in my life many years ago in ELLE DECOR magazine. I lived in a big city back then and admired all things modern, so the plant immediately caught my attention. It was displayed in a tall glass vase like a huge exotic broom and looked really very cool and unusual.
Since then I haven't forgotten the plant's name. Solidago. I was surprised to see it again in real life when I got married and moved to the country. Hello Solidago! Nice to meet you.. Nobody calls the plant by its fancy name here, it is called simply a goldenrod. It is perfectly fine with this guy, because the name doesn't affect its striking, magnificient chartreuse color and the strong nature. In Latin word 'Solidago' means "to strengthen or make whole".
 A monochromatic bouquet of the young solidago stems might be a good choice if your dress is white, simple and structured and you want to keep the whole look fuss-free. It might work great for a green themed wedding too. I may even use the idea for my next fashion show!

Photo by 'corsets and TRAINS'


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