August 26, 2012


tal-ent /  1. Natural aptitude or skill. 2. A person or people possessing such aptitude or skill.
 W Magazine asked French fashion designer Haider Ackermann to tell about the people that have most influenced him over the years..
"In Madrid, I recently went to see Juan Manuel Fernandez Montoya, the flamenco dancer known as Farruquito. He is considered one of the best flamenco dancers, but in 2003 he killed a pedestrian with his car and drove off without reporting the accident. He was arrested and sent to prison- he served such a short sentence that all of Spain was incensed.
Before his performance, there was this incredible tension in the crowd. People had loved him so much, but they couldn't bring themselves to show their adoration for him because of what had happened. Then he started to dance- and he was so magnificent that they had to stop tormenting him. They were clapping, then screaming, shouting, and crying. They had so much love for him that they couldn't hold it in"  
Madame Gres ( 1903-1993)
" I discovered her [Madame Gres] work when I was a student. She was not the most famous fashion designer, but she remains one of the best. Her work is so timeless and beautiful to look at and to touch: very simple, discreet, and elegant. Absolutely everything was done by hand- every pleat.
Coco Chanel once said, "Elegance is refusal," and Madame Gres was all about refusal. When you see someone in a dress by her, you don't look at the garment first; you look at the woman...I went to see her exhibition at Musee Bourdelle in Paris last year five times. It was incredible. If a girl wore any of those dresses to a ball today, she would look like one of the most modern women ever." 
Madame Gres' dresses and the Exhibition at Musee Bourdelle via , Kristy Bishop ,
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