August 22, 2012

wedding photographers

A vendor can make or break your wedding day. It relates to wedding photographers even more than to anyone else. We do not want to sound like a broken record but try to keep in mind: the price is always proportional to a talent. Period.
Below is a list on 20 Best Wedding Photographer Portfolios for your inspiration brought by 121clicks.

Exotic locations, surprise for anyone, scintillating mood with gorgeous couples. A group of 5 Photographers who are the best in everything they do.

Pablo Lopez Ortiz

Amazing photograpy, those pictures are all dreamy, exactly like how one would dream of their wedding. Stunning!

Alex Michele Photography

Pleasing soft light with gorgeous bokeh would definitely be the mantra for any wedding photographer. Here Alex Michele doesn’t fail to impress us with their wonderful portfolio.

Jeff Newsom

Vibrant colors and unique compositions, Jeff Newsom photography is an visual treat for all of us. Jeff’s quote is, “I’m in Love with People In Love. I make science and call it Art.” Yes, he is.

Angelica Glass

Leave it to Angelica to make an ashtray sexy, that s what one fan has to comment about her, check it out for yourself! Professionalism Guaranteed!

Laffler Photography

Moments, moments and more moments. They are happy and that is what one has to photograph in wedding am i right? Check Laffler’s Portfolio to figure it out!

Amy + Tony Hoffer

Fantastic scenarios where any of us would like to get photographed. Stunning visuals all over, this has been the specialty of Amy & Tony Hoffer.

Susan Stripling

Light and Composition adds more glamour to the couples and wonderful people in these Photographs. A Wonderful portfolio with tremendous photo skills and appeal.

Sloan Photographers

A Husband and Wife Matt + Angie from Orange Country, CA. In their portfolio you can feel the soul in each and every photograph. Unique framings and colors. Wow, Here you go.

Turtle Pond Photography

There’s more than pictures being taken here. There are Ideas being shared, opinions being sought and voice being heard. Amazing isn’t it. You will say WOW, after you check their portfolio.

See the rest of the portfolios here
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