September 29, 2012


"The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time" Bertrand Russell  
I woke up tired today after having a busy week. It seems like my week has more than just 7 days but at the end I ask myself the same question "Where did it go?"  So today, instead of trying to squeeze 48 hours agenda into 12 hours day, I am going to do something totally different. I will watch the Nature's fading, take a long walk with my dog, photograph flowers from my garden and enjoy it. 
 Exactly like it's said: I will enjoy wasting my time. Perhaps I will even make some scrumptious dessert that goes well with a cup of warm tea..
In this simple autumnal centerpiece the only plants I used that actually belong to the garden were 3 dahlias, one garden rose, one blue delphinium and several begonia leaves. The sunny days leftovers. The rest are various field and woodland foliage and pods I have gathered while walking with my dog.  
..I forgot to mention the came from a craft store [plastic] but looks very darn realistic.
Posted by Val.   Photos by 'corsets and TRAINS'

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