September 14, 2012

wedding bouquet: berries and pods

Berries and pods became the latest Wedding big trend. Everything works: from simple rose hips to exotic silver brunia berries, the selection is really wild. 
Here is our little review of the Fall's best berries and pods for your wedding inspiration.
Let's start with a bridal bouquet darling: scabiosa pods. They come in natural hues and have a unique texture adding an interest to a bouquet without overpowering the neighbors.
Above: Scabiosa pods, dahlias, tulips, calla lilies were chosen in the same creamy orange and soft green color palette. The result is this beautiful woodland bouquet via Loverly
Berzillia and hypericum are considered fillers, but they are definitely not the last players in these two unusual bouquets with a culinary twist. 
Berzillia, pears, green chile peppers, yellow hypericum, lemons and mini bananas with moss-and dracaena-covered stems [left].  Bouquet of butter letuce, clementines, coxcomb, brussel sprouts, green trick dianthus, scabiosa pods, chile peppers, echeveria, berzillia and variegated pittosporum [right]. Photos via Arizona Bride
Brunia's unique silver gray hued berries look almost artifitial. Silver brunia plant is native of Holland Mountains and grows mostly on moist ground at a high altitude. It does look like a plant from some mysterious caves and fogy mountains. Doesn't it?
 Above: Roses, sweet pea, silver brunia, lisianthus make this lovely pastel bouquet. Photo via Bouquet Bouquet
Bouquet of roses, dahlias, amaranthus and snowberries [left]. Right: Ivory cymbidium orchids, stock, white lisianthus, heather, magenta scabiosa and apricot hypericum berries. Photos via Wisconsin Bride
This fresh bunch screams Spring and we are already missing Spring! This happy bouquet of euonymus pods, yellow ranunculus, blue hyacinths, yellow ornithogalum, tulips, goldenrod, blue anemone, and grape hyacinths was created by Fleuropean
Bride's bouquet : Viburnum berries, white freesia, green trick dianthus, purple hydrangea and ranunculus. We are curious about the "green trick dianthus" part. Can any florist explain to us what's with the name? Created by Sweet Pea Floral Design
Dark dramatic beauty of this modern leather-tied bouquet is highlighted by red dahlias and rose hips. Steel grey privet berries look like a twin to already familiar brunia berries. At least on this photo. 100 Layer Cake
Poppy pods is a special element of this delicate bouquet of roses, lilies, alchemilla, alstroemeria and wax flower via Middle of the Map Weddings.  
So pretty.. If only we could smell it!

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