October 26, 2012

gifted people

I can look at Claire Morgan's work forever. She is a wedding photographer born in South Africa, based in Austria but her captivating images have been taken in the world's most beautiful destinations, from Mallorca and Chile to New York and Santorini. 
What makes Claire's photographs so amazing to me is her remarkable, nobody else-like attention to the details. From a bride's to-do list to a simple bunch of wild mushrooms, she has a special eye for everything. 
Despite of being a world class photographer Claire Morgan is so down to earth. There is always a little story behind each wedding. Like Lilli and Peter's wedding below. Lilli has a historical family home dating back from the world war. As the story unfolds we can see [literally!] how this countryside house with its darling surroundings made the couple's wedding so special. More about this wedding here.
I love the beautiful details captured by Claire's camera on the next set of photos. Especially the modern chrome and glass railing and a bottle of perfume the bride wore that day. I tried to recall which perfume I wore on my big day and I couldn't. Not mention the railing [was there a railing?] It is frustrating. My wedding was only 4 years ago and memories have been already fading..May your wedding be filled with fascinating memories captured by a gifted photographer! That's the best wedding wish I can think of. 

Photos by Claire Morgan Photography

Ukrainian Wedding in Vienna photographed by Claire Morgan here.



  1. Wow thank you for your wonderful post about my work! So lovely to read. Greetings from Vienna. xoxo

    1. Claire,
      I am your big fan. Your work is not only inspiring to the brides but also to all the wedding professionals. If you ever in Philadelphia area please stay with us. We live in a beautiful valley in a country, you will love it. Our house is the size of a hotel:-)
      Thanks again, Val