October 7, 2012

inspiration: black and white photography

  How expressive black and white photographs can be? To me, their beauty is not about the wide smiles and overall sense of happiness as about the poses and facial expressions. Often as we look at old pictures we can almost certainly tell a story about each character. Did you ever try? I love to look at my parents' B&W wedding photos. They are really not that old, made in the end of 60s. I do not know most people on those photos but somehow they look so real.. Perhaps because the only two colors are telling their story?

 The B&W vignette [below] was inspired by the outstanding work of a photographer Andrew De Francesco. While putting the images together and choosing accessories my mind was overflown with the vision of an old mansion in a middle of nowhere, with cracked mirrors and dark halls, surrounded by an apple orchard and pastures. Besides the mirrors there was a broken piano covered with dust, dark marble mantel,..I was about to say a spider web!.. I better save the bats and the ghosts for the upcoming H Day and let you enjoy the photos. 
Photos: #1,3,5 by Andrew De Francesco via Decor8
#2,4,6,7 by 'corsets and TRAINS'
Posted by Val.

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