November 2, 2012

diy: rustic candles

To make these charming candles in a tartlet tin you will need:
1. A variety of the tartlet tins. You can find them on (36 pcs for 10.27), Ebay or any craft store.
2 Some candle wicks (available at Michaels craft stores).
3. Candle wax. We used the wax from the tea light candles. They have to be broken half to fit in the tins.    
Fill the tins with the broken candle wax. Set them on a cookie sheet and place in a 250 dgr oven. Melt the wax (add more if needed) completely. Take them out . When the wax begin to set but before turning opaque, insert the candle wicks in a center of each tin. Let them cool, then cut the wicks about 1/4" above the wax. Done!

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