November 13, 2012

for the guys: proposal ideas

Have you heard yet of a proposal planning? I am not talking about something that can be planned to make him propose. I wish I could share few tips on that subject but the cruel reality is: He either proposes or not. That's life. Somehow every woman knows by that 'gut' instinct if he is ready, even before he knows he is. 
A proposal planning I am talking about is a special service that helps him to pop the question in a most romantic and special way. We love the concept and the idea that the initiative should be his, not hers. If planned carefully, with the element of surprise intact, the event might become as memorable as the wedding itself.  
This elegant NYC proposal [below] was carefully planned by Sarah, an expert planner of  Brilliant Event Planning and her creative team. When we are looking at these photos by Maggie Harkov all we can say is "Awww!.."
Ange and Laurie's Proposal Story by Sarah Pease of Brilliant Event Planning.
  "Ange wanted to propose to his princess, Laurie. I drew inspiration from the famed Rockefeller Family, the closest thing to American royalty. As legend has it, one of the most elaborate Rockefeller parties involved each guest receiving a small silver trowel upon arrival. At the center of the dinner table was a long, low vase shaped like a trough, filled with sand. Each guest used their trowel to dig into the sand and find their gift – a perfectly cut ruby, emerald or diamond.
We began Laurie’s princess marriage proposal with a shopping spree at Bergdorf’s. Upon returning to their suite, Laurie was surprised by a professional hair & makeup artist – all with the decoy of it being part of their preparation for a fancy evening out. They made their way up to the penthouse and and saw a glass trough filled with crystals: inside she discovered a tiara, Queen Mary Louboutin heels and finally, her ring! Tears of joy accompanied Laurie’s “Yes!” and an incredible dinner at Le Cirque followed."

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