November 10, 2012

table setting saturday #3

  "Don't begin your married life by expecting too much. If you expect little, you will be saved a good deal of disappointment"
                                                                                          From "Don'ts for Wives" book.

These well-made, tiny books by Restoration Hardware are something your guests will be talking about. They are not only full of the husband/wife wisdom but the size and the price (4.95) are smart too. 
OK, future Husbands, here are some good ones for you:
 "Don't throw cigar-ends into the bowl of water your wife keeps in front of the gas-fire. They are not ornamental, and she will not be pleased".
 "Don't sharpen pencils all over the house as you walk about".
Not quite practical? How about this one for wives: 
"Don't object to your husband cycling in to the country just because you don't cycle". It is getting better.. 
This is my personal favorite: "If your cook isn't up to French dishes, be satisfied with English ones cooked to perfection" Will do!
{Photos by 'corsets and TRAINS'} 

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