January 22, 2013

talented people

It was hard not to notice a magical five-page visual feast by Rodney Smith for Martha Stewart Weddings Winter issue. 'Between Heaven & Earth' was the name. Smith is not exactly a wedding photographer, his work is more of an inspirational source for everybody who is more or less creative [including myself].
Rodney Smith's work is mesmerizing, distinctive, crisp and clean black and white photographs, as well as having a small selection of striking color work. His photographs convey an elegant combination of style and substance, humour, glamour and distinctive details. The characters that Smith focuses on in his extremely well composed imagined world are elegant, chic and dapper, but also riddled with quirky and clever details.  
A self-proclaimed workaholic and perfectionist, Rodney has said of his attention to detail in his work that, “My father was a business man in the fashion industry. In that business everything is about appearance so I grew up in a family that was totally oriented about how things look.." F.N.D.
Sources: Gessato and Filmsnotdead.com

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