March 24, 2013


 Spring has taken a long way coming to Central Pennsylvania. Just as we all became excited here with a handful of first warm days, Mother Nature surprised us with snow. And then even more snow.. (Seriously, one would be enough).
 I got to the point where I desperately need a hint of warmth from the hottest places on Earth [think of a warm sand or exotic fruits] just to cure those Winter blues. Perhaps something that smells and tastes like papayas or figs dipped in chocolate, or almonds, or fragrant tangerines. A warm Margarita [no ice!] also came to my mind. Then I got a better idea. Since shopping is considered one of the best therapies, I found my cure in one of those charming natural beauty e.shops. All in one package. Now my hands smell like figs and chocolate and my lips like almonds. Ironically the shop I bought all the goodies from is named Long Winter Farm.

Besides smelling the figs we are also making a few dresses here. This one named Pintucked is a sleeveless, easy breezy, perfect dress for those magical warm days.
Hand cream and soaps are from Long Winter Farm
{Photos by 'corsets and TRAINS'}

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